Our Community

ANi Young Apprentices are leaders who know how to:

  • Create life and career plans through vision boarding, portfolio development and personal branding;
  • Manage money through budgeting, saving, spending wisely and investing;
  • Develop key transferrable skills including communications, teamwork, conflict resolution and more.

Make better career decisions because they experience the work world through job shadowing and interning, and starting businesses

We provide dynamic work-readiness and employability education, experience, training, and support for youth ages 6 to 21. The ANi Formula, Life Design + Career Strategies + Work Experience = Ready4Work, provides the foundation for a powerful tiered program based on a multi-dimensional curriculum for life and career achievement.

As a network of well-credentialed and highly motivated staff, educators, businesses, legislators and families, we work to ensure that youth, whether advantaged, under-resourced or anywhere in-between, have tools to design their lives, are work-ready, employable and exposed to opportunities.