Apprentice Network, Inc. (ANi)’s Life and Career Development Framework provides ANi Young Apprentices (hereinafter, ANYAs) with the opportunity to learn and build skills outside of the classroom. This is crucial to developing the next generation of workers. Both inside and out-of-school learning experiences allow youth to recognize the importance of starting work early.

This is an introductory to intermediate level of education, exposure, training, and career development. ANYAs learn personal and career awareness. work basics, power skills (21st century skills), technical skills, business skills, financial skills, and the fundamentals for living a successful and rewarding life.

The curriculum offered by ANi provides educators with lesson plans to give students life-long leadership, career and money management skills. This comprehensive collection of lessons covers topics on subjects from setting goals, budgeting and purchase planning, to protecting credit and identity, to savings, investing, and financial planning. Lesson plans are designed to engage students with real-world connections in scenarios that students will find relevant to their own lives. Learning activities encourage inquiry and augment understanding through problem-solving, research, discussion, and collaborative activities.

Tiered Programming:  The ANi Life and Career and Development Framework consist of complementary components.  Each component’s curriculum is foundational to the next and is aligned with West Virginia Board of Education State Standards for Career Development. Components include Life/Career and Personality Assessments; Ready2Work Career Academy; Ready2Work Bootcamp, Ready4Work Practicum; and Navigators.

Through ANi’s Curriculum, ANYAs envision their lives, align their career goals with their vision and gain confidence in their social and technical skills, all of which are associated with better educational and employment outcomes. They gain insight into a future job market and make valuable connections with employers. They also learn the value of money and acquire critical financial skills as well as responsibility.  Our aim is to build confidence along with valuable work experience which ANYAs can add to their resume.  Ultimately, ANYAs learn how to balance work and education and other necessary life skills encouraging a healthy transition to adulthood.  A side benefit is that ANi teaches youth constructive and productive ways to use their free time.

The ANi Formula, Life Design + Career Strategies + Work Experience = Ready4Work, provides the foundation for a powerful tiered program based on a multi-dimensional curriculum for life and career achievement.