Apprentice Network, Inc. (ANi) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to lead young people to educational persistence and a well-informed and charted-path towards work-readiness and meaningful employment aimed at getting them prepared to enter a career trajectory.

We provide dynamic work-readiness and employability education, experience, training, and support for youth ages 6 to 21. The ANi Formula, Life Design + Career Strategies + Work Experience = Ready4Work, provides the foundation for a powerful tiered program based on a multi-dimensional curriculum for life and career achievement.

As a network of well-credentialed and highly motivated staff, educators, businesses, legislators and families, we work to ensure that youth, whether advantaged, under-resourced or anywhere in-between, have tools to design their lives, are work-ready, employable and exposed to opportunities.

Additionally, because we are committed to inspire and develop the next generation of teachers and educators, we are committed to a students-teaching-students model noted by the Princeton Review as one of the top service-learning experiences in the nation.